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Caryn & Greg’s Wedding

Caryn & Greg married on May 25th with their gorgeous daughter Honey by their side. After being together for 10 years, it was her birth that inspired them to finally marry. Inspya Yoga Retreat Byron Bay was the perfect place to do so. Caryn & Greg planned, designed, decorated and catered their wedding day (Caryn also hand wrote all chalkboards & signage), the detail and extra effort they went to really made the day more personal.

It rained that day. A lot. However it stopped long enough for the morning ceremony to take place outdoors amongst the most amazing Balinese style tropical garden. It was all so beautiful. A delicious brunch was served afterwards and regardless of the weather, it was a wondrous day had by all.

Caryn & Greg share some wise words for other couples who are now planning their wedding: ‘Do everything just the way YOU want it. Make it the fullest self expression of you both that it can be. You might dent a few prides during the planning but they will come to understand and appreciate what you have done on the day.’

Some other clever people:

Florist//Treeling Studios  ::  Musician//Matty Barker  ::  Videographer//Will Hayles

Caryn_Greg-4 Caryn_Greg-6 Caryn_Greg-13 Caryn_Greg-14 Caryn_Greg-19 Caryn_Greg-23 Caryn_Greg-29-2 Caryn_Greg-32 Caryn_Greg-47 Caryn_Greg-48 Caryn_Greg-50 Caryn_Greg-51 Caryn_Greg-53Caryn_Greg-57lr Caryn_Greg-54 Caryn_Greg-68 Caryn_Greg-73-2 Caryn_Greg-81 Caryn_Greg-83_2 Caryn_Greg-88 Caryn_Greg-92Caryn_Greg-98 Caryn_Greg-99 Caryn_Greg-103 Caryn_Greg-45_2Caryn_Greg-117-2 Caryn_Greg-106 Caryn_Greg-112 Caryn_Greg-116 Caryn_Greg-119Caryn_Greg-122 Caryn_Greg-123-2 Caryn_Greg-135 Caryn_Greg-137 Caryn_Greg-139-2 Caryn_Greg-140 Caryn_Greg-167 Caryn_Greg-170 Caryn_Greg-179_2 Caryn_Greg-125 Caryn_Greg-129 Caryn_Greg-186 Caryn_Greg-189 Caryn_Greg-191 Caryn_Greg-199Caryn_Greg-214 Caryn_Greg-216 Caryn_Greg-218 Caryn_Greg-222 Caryn_Greg-225 Caryn_Greg-229 Caryn_Greg-230 Caryn_Greg-237 Caryn_Greg-259 Caryn_Greg-265 Caryn_Greg-268 Caryn_Greg-279 Caryn_Greg-286 Caryn_Greg-295 Caryn_Greg-304 Caryn_Greg-318-2Caryn_Greg-320 Caryn_Greg-322 Caryn_Greg-328 Caryn_Greg-333 Caryn_Greg-335 Caryn_Greg-336 Caryn_Greg-340 Caryn_Greg-344 Caryn_Greg-351 Caryn_Greg-356 Caryn_Greg-362 Caryn_Greg-365 Caryn_Greg-370 Caryn_Greg-374 Caryn_Greg-382-2 Caryn_Greg-383Caryn_Greg-384 Caryn_Greg-390 Caryn_Greg-394 Caryn_Greg-403 Caryn_Greg-412Caryn_Greg-493_2 Caryn_Greg-415 Caryn_Greg-417 Caryn_Greg-419 Caryn_Greg-421 Caryn_Greg-422 Caryn_Greg-430 Caryn_Greg-438Caryn_Greg-496 Caryn_Greg-446 Caryn_Greg-447 Caryn_Greg-452 Caryn_Greg-454Caryn_Greg-460 Caryn_Greg-462 Caryn_Greg-466 Caryn_Greg-470 Caryn_Greg-473 Caryn_Greg-478-2Caryn_Greg-543 Caryn_Greg-546 Caryn_Greg-559 Caryn_Greg-570 Caryn_Greg-573 Caryn_Greg-590 Caryn_Greg-605 Caryn_Greg-615Caryn_Greg-622-2 Caryn_Greg-630Caryn_Greg-648 Caryn_Greg-642-2 Caryn_Greg-645-2Caryn_Greg-652 Caryn_Greg-660 Caryn_Greg-662 Caryn_Greg-671 Caryn_Greg-677 Caryn_Greg-681 Caryn_Greg-699-2 Caryn_Greg-701-2 Caryn_Greg-710 Caryn_Greg-717 Caryn_Greg-720 Caryn_Greg-86



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