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The Steel Family


I’ve known Lisa since our eldest kids were four months old when we met at the local health care centre as first time mum’s without a clue. There was a group of us who once a week turned up to a session at the clinic hoping to discover the hidden secrets of raising children, how to get them to sleep, what to feed them and how to keep our sanity. I don’t think any of us learnt too much while we were there, but we did form solid friendships and have been able to compare notes as our children hit the milestones at roughly the same time. That’s what has kept us sane. So now these big kids are off to school next year and most of them have a sibling or two (or one on the way) and you try to remember what they were like at four months old…seems like a life time ago.

So Lisa and Colin asked me a while back if I would take some shots of their family and I was absolutely delighted. Lilly is the most adorable thing with her long, dark, thick hair with matching eyelashes and her baby sister, Imogen is at that perfectly innocent age and way too cute. How could I refuse!

The original plan was to wait for the Jacaranda’s to bloom, however I found a reserve that I thought would be perfect for their shoot though unfortunately had no Jacaranda’s. It didn’t seem to matter much in the end that we had no Jacaranda’s, I am pretty happy with the way the shots turned out and more importantly, Col & Lisa are happy!

Lisa is incredibly arty and crafty and had made gorgeous dresses for the girls to wear and had tracked down some (real) angel wings from a local market for the half-time costume change. (She had also made the beautiful, colourful quilt that you will see in some of the photos). I got the shot of their two angelic daughters for the front of their family Christmas card then it was run-around be-free time flying around and chasing angels. Awesome.

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