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Erin & Steve’s Wedding

A lifetime ago I met this really cool chick. We worked together in a Brisbane pub while we partied and tried to figure out what we wanted to do with our lives. We found ourselves in the land over the seas, with a few of our friends and where so many young Australians head in search of their future. Funnily enough I found my future there and returned home (with him) four years later. Erin travelled all around the place, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards then ended up back in Brisbane with a guy from Sydney. That didn’t work out and she felt she would be singing ‘All by myself’ Bridget Jones’ styley for the rest of her life. Then she went on a blind date. She had nothing to lose. And that’s when it started with Steven…

Steve ticked a lot of boxes on Erin’s prerequisites list for a lifetime partner. He’s a chef. In fact, I don’t think you need any more boxes after that do you? Numero Uno – he cooks, he loves cooking and he’s damn fantastic at it. (Check out Mahlzeit). And let’s just say, Erin has been known to burn toast, setting of the fire alarm and having the fire brigade turn up at a holiday apartment. I shall say no more.

To cut a long story short, they fell in love, moved in together, brought up two (ugly) cute dogs, bought a house, started a catering business, got engaged…and now they are married. Bring on the kids!

I felt incredibly chuffed when Erin asked if I would photograph their very special day. Erin is a close friend of mine and I love her to bits. And this was a Bali wedding, I was leaving my children at home and I was going to drink and dance on table tops (actually, I hadn’t planned on dancing on table tops, esp the bridal table, Erin started it). So I politely declined the role of wedding photographer with a ‘hell no!’. I was absolutely honoured to do a reading during their ceremony instead and they chose a fantastic English photographer in Bali, Richard who was super organised and super tall. I can’t wait to see his final shots of the day.

So of course I took photos anyway. Everyone took photos. The place was amazing. The chapel was made of glass on the edge of a cliff looking out to a setting sun. The reception was on lush green grass beside the chapel with white lanterns hanging over the tables. Words cannot describe the atmosphere. I’m hoping the photos will do a better job. The band for the day/night was Angela Drive, made up of two incredibly talented guys, Tim & Adrian who flew over from Queensland. They were playing in the chapel before the wedding while I was taking a couple of shots and the whole room was filled with their guitars and voices and it was such an amazing thing, was hard to hold back the tears.

There were a few little hiccups on the wedding day, but everyone needs these, it’s what makes a wedding unique. Erin spent time between getting ready looking for Steve’s phone which she’d lost but thought it was probably better to let him know after they tied the knot. There were two/three buses filled with guests, stuck in traffic (President was in town) and arrived about an hour late. That meant about a 2 hour bus ride for those guests and a late start to the wedding. There were also no microphone stands for the band so instead they gaffa taped their mikes on to the speaker stands. I love a bit of creativity.  The speeches left most female guests sobbing at their tables. Uncontrollably. Or was that just me?

Was a truly beautiful day for two truly beautiful people.


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