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Michael’s Christening

This was my first Greek Christening. When I was twelve I was a flower girl in my aunty’s Greek wedding which was great fun, I remember it clearly. But I had never had the privilege of attending a Greek Christening until I was invited to photograph Michael’s. It was breathtaking.

A couple of weeks before Michael was born, I photographed his mum and dad who were eagerly awaiting his arrival (view here). Just over six months later, I finally got to meet the gorgeous addition to their family. Michael is such a happy little chap and seemed very intrigued by the goings on of the day, smiling and giggling throughout the service. However he didn’t seem too keen to be dunked under water and lifted up high in the sky, bare bum exposed to the world…understandably so! He wasn’t upset for long though, his attention was soon diverted to more interesting things.

All the aspects of this Christening put together, created something special. I felt it. I’m hoping I captured a little part of that something so that when Michael looks back at these photos in years to come, he may see how special it was.

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