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Marc & Emma’s Brisbane Wedding

Marc and Emma just got married! In Venice. In Italy. On the 13th of September! Just the two of them. Sounds so dreamy…these guys deserve it.

They have had this elopement planned for some time. A long time. They were adamant that it would be only the bride, the groom and the photographer at their wedding in Italy. No fuss, no dramas, just the time to focus on one another, to play out the day however they liked. Then they would send home a message to their friends and family once they were newlyweds and have a bit of a party once they return to Australia. Congratulations newlyweds! The secret is out, time to enjoy your long awaited holiday.

Though there is a little more to their secret.

In May this year, Marc’s mum Sandra, was told by doctors that her cancer was taking over, they predicted she had two weeks left of life. She had expressed many a time how much she would love to witness the marriage of her son with Emma. In less than a week of hearing this solemn news, a wedding ceremony had been put together.

It was beautiful. Surrounded by immediate family, the ceremony took place on the back deck of Emma’s aunty’s home. It poured with rain that day from morning to night. But it spoiled nothing. Together the family had created the most beautiful setting; hung curtains, organised flowers, chairs, glasses, champagne, table decorations, made food and baked a wedding cake. In addition to all this, the marriage celebrant had been able to rush through the documents to make this a legally binding marriage. Nothing was amiss. It was beautiful.

A week after Emma & Marc’s secret ceremony, Sandra passed away. She had made it to their wedding.



13 Responses to “Marc & Emma’s Brisbane Wedding”

  1. Grandma says:

    I was touched when I first heard about Marc & Emma’s wedding (I had inside knowledge and was sworn to secrecy) and I was certainly moved when I was fortunate to have a sneak peak at these beautiful photos………but today I’m an emotional mess – the story leading up this beautiful wedding, the amazing photos!! Vanessa you have such a wonderful talent of capturing the mood of this very special day! and what a stunning couple….Congratulations Marc & Emma, I wish you all the very best for a long & happy life together x

  2. katie says:

    stunning couple and really stunning photography!!! well done 🙂

  3. Mary G says:

    Can’t stop crying at how beautiful this is

  4. Maree says:

    Vanessa, wonderful job! The cd’s are also beautiful, they really do capture the intimacy of the dy! Thank You! Xxx Maree

  5. Rachael Williams says:

    <3 Congrats to you both. Such a lovely story to hear & definitely very touching. <3 Sandra would be very proud of you both. Amazing to have had two very special weddings. Lots of love, Rachael & Brenton. XoXo

  6. Lisa Field says:

    AMAZING- The Story, The People, The Pictures. xoxox

  7. jess says:

    emma, marc , an amazing day to celebrate in an amazing way , from the finer details to the DRESS!…PERFECTION. they say that god blesses the days of rain and certainly did in this wedding. I wish you all the very happiness that one can have… and ENJOY VENICE! spoilt much! ..8-) xxxx

  8. Debbie Appleton says:

    This video (and the story explained) is so beautiful and really captures how much love, emotion and happiness was shared on this most special day.

    Emma and Marc were so selfless and loving to be able to pull this together (with the help of Emma’s family) at such short notice and for those close family that were there, it was a truly magical day. One to be cherished forever. Congratulations Emma & Marc and best wishes for a wonderful marriage and future together!

    (Fabulous job with the video too!)

  9. Arthur says:

    Congratulations Marc and Emma on your will be able to celebrate twice each year on your union as husband and wife.
    I trust that you will have a long and fulfilling and loving relationship as your mum and I had (although ours was cut short) and that you will always cherish and enjoy all the emotions that married life will afford you. My thought are always with you both.

  10. Katrina Hicks says:

    I came home wondering what was wrong with my Mum today (she was a friend of Sandra’s and has known Marc since he was a baby). She had tears in her eyes and it looked as if they weren’t the first that had fallen. They were tears of joy as well as tears of grief of a friend lost. She had read your story, watched your slide show and looked at your beautiful photographs of your special day. Celebrating love like yours with your family is what makes the day magical. It warms our hearts to know that Sandra was there to witness it and in her dying days felt the magic too. Congratulations Marc & Emma, we wish you all the very best for a long & happy life together.

  11. Shelley says:

    Vanessa, gorgeous job….your work is wonderful

  12. Thank you so much to everyone that has taken the time to read this post, watch the slideshow and look at the photos. An extra thank you to those who left a comment, your words have brought tears to my eyes. It was such an incredible privilege and great honour to have been asked to document Marc & Emma’s wedding day and I wish these guys the very best on their road ahead. x

  13. shannon carey says:

    G’day Marc and Emma

    Con’grats on the wedding mate, it looked like a wonderful day had by all.

    If your ever up Townsville would love to meet the blushing bride, just not before LOL, am away with overseas with work.

    Have a wonderful and prosperous life together, cya when we cya

    Shannon Trang and Fiona

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