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Two sisters and their gorgeous families

Eddie and Georgie are sisters. Eddie & her family live in Brisbane while Georgie & her family live in Sydney. Georgie brought her two kids up to Brisbane for a week in March, so the day after they arrived, they had me over to take some shots of the kids.

I’ve known Eddie for about 8 or 9 years and her husband for even longer. It was nearly two years ago that I first took photos of their son Will when he was about 5 months old, much smaller but just as cute. Now he is a big brother to teeny, tiny Indiana. She is the most adorable thing. I’m honoured that they have had me back to take more snaps of their growing family.

So here we have (in order of appearance), Georgie’s kids – Billy (17 months) & Charley (3 yo); and Eddie’s kids – Will (2yo) & Indi (3 months). Eddie’s husband Dave also makes an appearance as does her mum, Jenny. Oh yeah and Frankie! (their lovely dog). Such a beautiful bunch of people!


3 Responses to “Two sisters and their gorgeous families”

  1. Great shoot! How lovely for them to have such divine pictures of the two families coming together.

    Are you fully in LR yet? Your b&w look different (really awesome but very different to how you normally process them). The processing is HOT!

  2. Maree says:

    beautiful photos Vanessa…… have such a wonderful talent to be able to capture the love and warmth shared within their family!

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