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Aeisha & Dan’s Wedding

One year on, I would like to present to you Aeisha & Dan’s wedding, held at the Hilton in Surfers Paradise. A fantabulously fun party, with preparation, ceremony, photos and reception all contained within the one venue.

Dan did venture out pre-ceremony to experience some quality grooming at Mods and Rockers Retro Barber Shop, while the girls stayed in to be prettied up, drinking Bloody Mary’s and soaking up a rather impressive view of the Gold Coast. The only other time I can think of that we left the grounds of the Hilton, was to pop in for some sushi at the restaurant next door. No-one likes having their photo taken with a grumbling tummy. And photographers aren’t too keen on working with a hangry wedding party. Sushi makes everything ok.

There were a few things about Aeisha and Dan’s wedding that were pretty damn special, and as I am terrible at recalling the finer details, I asked the bride herself to elaborate…

The Date:

‘We had originally looked at that weekend at a completely different venue (Mudgeeraba show grounds) where it would be a lot more DIY… But then I started trying on dresses and lost all inspiration!! All the crazy dress ladies try and make you choose a year ahead which is crazy!!!  So we stopped planning and said we would do it in 2014 sometime. We found out early June that Dan’s Mum and Dad were planing on bringing Dan’s Nanna Eve* over from Perth for a holiday late August until 8th Sept. I said to Dan, half jokingly, that it was a sign as that was the weekend we were originally going to have the wedding. We asked his mum and dad what they thought and they were over the moon! We chose the Friday to give Eve a chance to rest before the long flight home.  Then the crazy 10 weeks of planning began!!’ *Nanna Eve is turning 94 this Christmas Eve. Holy Moly, she was dancing up a storm…ALL night long…and for most of the night, in heels!!

The Irish Coin:

‘Traditionally an Irish mother gives her silver wedding coin to her son on his wedding day to give to his wife, who then gives it to their son, and so on. (The Groom presents his wife with a solid silver or gold coin as a token of their coming together. The gift is to show his willingness to provide for her, protect her and care for her).  Dan’s Grandfather gave ours to his mum on her wedding day beginning the tradition in their family.  It was a sweet nod to their Irish heritage, especially for Nanna Eve. Both Dan’s parents are from Dublin and came here after their wedding when they were barely 20!  Since then the rest of the family has followed…aunts uncles etc. 

Handmade Wedding Rings:

‘We couldn’t find a band to fit comfortably next to my engagement ring, and Dan did some printing for a jewellery studio in Tugun (aptly called The Jewellery Studio). They do lessons and hand make jewellery there. So we enquired and booked in for a lesson to make ours!  We got to do everything from melting the gold, bending, filing, polishing etc. (Dan’s is a bit wonky as I drank more champagne during the process than him!) We then had song lyrics hand engraved in them to match 🙂  My engagement ring has two carrots (the vegetable kind) engraved inside it as I used to joke I would never say yes to anything less than two carats. (Corny but cute).’

The Black & White Theme:

‘I love girly and vintage things but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Everyone’s doing it. I want to smash every mason jar on this earth! I like structure and order but I hate satin, chair covers and round tables and I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d have a hotel wedding. I guess that’s from being an event coordinator myself. I like creative original ideas/venues. So looked at plenty, but I had a site inspection at Hilton for a work thing and fell in love with their cocktail bar. So I took Dan to have a look on the off chance he liked it. And he loved it. It was great not to worry about cars and transport between places etc.  Also I sucked up some of my pride and relinquished a little control. If we had of done a DIY or similar, no doubt I would have ended up setting tables, seating guests, helping behind the bar or clearing plates. So it was definitely best to let someone different do it for me. Mind you I did have my moments 😛

I have always loved black and white, but not in a filigree or florals kind of way. I especially love stripes, I like their neatness and that you can throw lots of colour in and they still look great. I nearly went with a striped dress but thought that might be a bit much!! Mum made the table runners, curtains (sadly unused) and did most of the decorations and I ordered almost a kilometre of ribbon from America (just so I wouldn’t run out.)  Once we chose the venue I knew the stripes would fit with the retro style of the bar.  I started pinning things on Pinterest and black and white seemed to be the dominate theme. Everyone can hate on Pinterest all they want, but it works!!’

Love these guys.

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Venue // Ceremony & Reception // Hilton Surfers Paradise //

Dresses // Bride and Bridesmaids //

Wedding Shoes // Pretty Ballerina

Hair // Isabelle – Blow Dry Bar Broadbeach

Makeup // Fernando Hervas

Flowers // Hitomi from B Sweet Flowers //

Grooms suit // Anthony Squires //

Groomsman Suits // Roger david //

Grooms hair // Mods and Rockers Retro Barber Shop //

Celebrant // Bree-Anna from Be Weddings //

Balloons // Heather from Flim Flams // 

Flower Girl Dresses & Doggie tutu // Lisa from Tutubowtique

Stationery // Daniel Gillen – Print Republic

Cake // Merv the chef de patisserie at Hilton

DJ // Michael from We R DJ’s //

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