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Reshma’s henna night

Reshma’s henna (Mehndi) night was held two nights before the day she was to wed Murray. I was beside myself with excitement to be witness to this Indian tradition. Bollywood movies were playing on the telly, Reshma’s mum had cooked up an absolute feast and I was completely in awe of the talented young girl that was drawing intricate patterns (at quite a speed), on Resh, her bridesmaid’s and her Mums hands. What a great way to build the excitement for a fantastic wedding!

Henna-4590 Henna-4595 Henna-4609 Henna-4617_2 Henna-4620 Henna-4624_2 Henna-4631_2 Henna-4635 Henna-4638 Henna-4639 Henna-4644 Henna-4646 Henna-4647 Henna-4648 Henna-4650 Henna-4661 Henna-4662 Henna-4667 Henna-4670 Henna-4674 Henna-4675 Henna-4682 Henna-4684 Henna-4690 Henna-4691 Henna-4692 Henna-4697 Henna-4701 Henna-4707 Henna-4718-2_2 Henna-4719_2 Henna-4723 Henna-4736 Henna-4744 Henna-4748_2 Henna-4749 Henna-4755 Henna-4769


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