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Grace, Mya & Emmie

For my first family shoot of the year I was blessed with three happy, charismatic, gorgeous smiling girls who had so much energy I was worn out just watching them go.

At the playground the two older girls entertained their baby sister, not unlike the Tassie devil, whirring from one thing to another, climbing up, sliding down, swinging across, crawling through, chasing around. Phew.

Exhausted, we headed back home for some shade and cupcake baking. I have to say, these girls are impressive in the kitchen. The only thing I can cook without a recipe book is vegemite on toast (which I’m particularly good at, it’s all about the vegemite to butter ratio), but they were pouring, cracking and measuring with no recipe at hand. They’ve done this before. The girls set the patty cases in the trays then filled them up, filling their mouths with mixture too when they could. Yummo!

I caught some nice light with all three girls before Emmie went off for her nap, which I’m pretty happy about to be honest. Sometimes I miss the moment then regret it. Not this time.

The girls then did some nice quiet drawings while their cupcakes were cooking in the oven. Before I left, Grace asked me if I would like to take two cupcakes home with me for my two children. Sweetest thing ever. My kids devoured them.

Thanks girls. x


4 Responses to “Grace, Mya & Emmie”

  1. Maree says:

    wow……striking photos, stunning girls, impressive work Vanessa!!

  2. Maryanne says:

    Vanessa… Once again beautiful photos, the family must be so happy. Keep up the good work

  3. Mandy says:

    Brilliant work- terrific photos!

  4. Sherryn says:

    As usual absolutely beautiful photos Vanessa. Sorry we didn’t have someone like you around when all you kids were little so we could all have pics like these.

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